The Dance Scholarship Trust’s Evening Salon

by Harry Wardill, 2011 Scholar

In line with the recent tradition of past Scholars fundraising for the SPAB Scholarship, the 2011 and 2012 years have teamed up to plan an ambitious event at the popular Farmiloe Building in Clerkenwell on Thursday 23 October, 6-9pm.

This amazing venue was secured through Geoff Rich, 1995 Scholar and Partner at leading Architecture practice Feilden Clegg Bradley, who have completed the scheme for the imminent regeneration of the building. As well as being the temporary home of many high profile events over the last few years including Clerkenwell Design Week, it has also been used as a film set for Hollywood Blockbusters such as Batman and Sherlock Holmes.

The ‘Evening Salon’ as it is called, is based around an auction of donated works from Scholars past and present, skillfully run by an ex-Sotheby’s auctioneer to ensure all flows smoothly. It is intended to be an event that not only raises money for future Scholars, but also celebrates the Scholarship and brings it to a new audience. To this end there will be a couple of talks, again from Scholars past and present, to tell people what the Scholarship is about and to bring it to life. The evening will be fuelled by the wonderful food and drink of French and Grace and set to the music of a traditional Cornish folk group. Just to ensure there is something for everyone, full tours of the unique building will also be on offer.

Sketches have been pouring in, and it is testament not only to the skill and talent of the collective Scholars, but also the sense of community that exists that many have contributed and clearly put a great deal of time and effort in- to give a taster here is a sketch of the building itself from 2004 Scholar Tim Greensmith. If you’d like to be a part of this carnival of conservation get your tickets Evening Salon tickets.

The Farmiloe Building - Tim Greensmith

The Farmiloe Building – Tim Greensmith


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